The Glaze Calculator is a shareware product which has a 60 day free period and is available off the Internet at the following Address:


It is possible to use the Glaze Calculator free of charge on an indefinite basis by downloading a new copy every 60 days.

If this proves inconvenient, a draft can be sent to me for 25 whereupon a unique password will be forwarded (British pounds sterling only). This password may only be used on a single computer at any one time. It will be valid for all minor upgrades.

Your payment will make you a registered user of The Glaze Calculator. Generally Seegreen Software will not be distributing upgrade disks. However, if you are unable to download upgrades from the Internet, disks can be sent to you for 10.00 (mailing and disk costs). Note, this does not include the registration charge of 25.

Calculate your payment as follows:

        25.00 multiplied by the number of computers onto which The Glaze Calculator will be installed.

For Network installations calculate your payment as follows:

        25.00 multiplied by the number of users that may use The Glaze Calculator.

Payment for the password which unlocks the Glaze Calculator can be made via Compuserve by typing SWREG at the Goto Prompt and then entering the Registration ID 13835. The payment required for this service and the registration charge is $45.00. Your unique password will be forwarded to you be email.

Send mail payments to:

        Seegreen Software
        PO Box 115
        Westbury on Trym
        BS9 3ND

Please make cheques payable to C. Green.

In an attempt to keep updates frequent and the cost as low as possible, hardcopy documentation will not be distributed. If a manual is required, print the helpfile topics.

If you wish to have disks mailed to you, use the registration form in the file "GlzCReg.txt" which can be found in the Full setup versions (glzclc32.exe and glzclc16.exe).

To arrange for a site license contact Seegreen Software directly at the above address or send email to

Distribution Information

Seegreen Software allows The Glaze Calculator to be freely copied and distributed in its unmodified form via electronic means or other shareware distribution methods.

You are specifically prohibited from charging or requesting donations for any copies of The Glaze Calculator software. A small fee (less then 3 per disk) to cover distribution costs is allowed. Note, this charge is not a payment for The Glaze Calculator software.

The Glaze Calculator cannot be distributed with any retail product without the express written consent of Seegreen Software.


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