The Glaze Calculator

Analysis to Recipe Tab

Recipe Box

This is exactly the same as in the Recipe to Analysis tab sheet except that it is disabled.

Recipe Check Box

As in the Recipe to Analysis tab sheet, material amounts can be locked or unlocked. A tick (checked) indicates that the amount is locked.

Analysis Box

On this Tab sheet the Analysis Box is enabled. A required oxide amount can be typed into the selected position and on hitting the return key, the unchecked materials will be adjusted to the nearest fit. For example a recipe with Talc and silica unchecked would allow a change in SiO2 and MgO.

Analysis Slider Bar

The sliders will change the oxide proportions within the unchecked materials limits and alter their amounts accordingly. Experimentation is encouraged as the results can be seen almost immediately.

Any other controls on this Tab sheet that are not described here will be found under Recipe to Analysis