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Recipe to Analysis

A Glaze Recipe Window
Recipe Window

Recipe Box

Materials or recipes can be dragged from the Material List window or the Recipe List window and dropped into this recipe box (located on the far left). The material drag icon or recipe drag icon must be placed over the position required in the recipe box, unless it is below the last entry, in which case it will be placed immediately below the last entry. The analysis will be displayed in the far right column of the window in either an Ultimate Analysis or a Unity Formula. This will depend on the Percentage/Unity/Absolute option selected at the bottom right of this Tab sheet. The Change Oxide window will open if you drop a material which includes an oxide not currently displayed.

It is possible to change a material in the recipe box by dropping a new one into that position (useful when you want to see what will happen to the analysis if you just change one material for another).

To use an amount with a fraction of a unit, click on it (next to the material name) and key in the amount. The analysis will only be updated when you hit the return key and the corresponding check box is unchecked (see Below). Any other unlocked materials will change accordingly.

Note: The Recipe Box is disabled for the other tab sheets, i.e. you can only change the material amounts in the Recipe to Analysis tab sheet.

Recipe Check Box (Alt + Z)

The amount of each material can be locked or unlocked by clicking on the corresponding check box or typing 'Alt + X'. A tick (checked) indicates that the amount is locked.

Recipe Slider Bar

By clicking on the right-hand arrow of a slider bar, the amount of that material will increase by 1 unit (percent) while any other unlocked material amounts will decrease by an equal fraction. In other words if there are two materials unlocked, the other material will decrease by 1 unit, while if three are unchecked, the other two will decrease by 0.5 units each. To change in increments of 5 units click on the slider bar between the arrow and the slider. See High Resolution (below) for different units.

Insert and Delete Buttons (Alt + N) (Alt + L)

At the bottom left there are the 'Insert' and 'Delete' material buttons. To insert a material, first highlight the material where a space is required and then click on 'Insert'. To delete a material highlight it and then click on 'Delete'.

Fixed Entry, Total - 100 and Total - 200

By selecting 'Fixed Entry' from the pull down list, the amounts of a each material in the recipe box can be typed in without any calculation being performed. Once the recipe is typed in, click on 'Total - 100' to convert the recipe amounts to percentages.

'Total - 200' allows the total amount of materials in a recipe to go above 100. When matching a glaze's Ultimate Analysis for the loss on Ignition. For example, a hypothetical recipe requiring 100 CaCO3 would need approximately 178 of Whiting (Chalk).

Total and Cost

The materials 'Total' and the recipe 'Cost' are displayed directly below the recipe box amount column.

High Resolution (Alt + H)

The check box to the right of the Total puts the recipe sliders into high resolution, allowing small changes of 0.01 in the recipe amounts.


The selected coefficients in the drop down list (bottom right) are used to calculate the coefficient of the recipe which is then displayed to the immediate right of this drop down list. To select the default set of coefficients open the Coefficients List window and click on (highlight) the required set, then close the window.

Ultimate, Unity and Absolute

The Ultimate Analysis of a glaze is displayed by default. For the Unity Formula or Absolute click on the appropriate line in the drop down list.

K+Na, K+Na+Li, Fluxes and Si/Al

Different subtotals of oxides in the glaze analysis or the Silica to Alumina ratio can be selected for display in the box immediately to the right of this drop down list.