The Glaze Calculator

Material Widow

There are three tabs across the top of this window with the following names:

List ( Default )

List box

The materials which meet the Material Search criteria are listed here for dragging into a Recipe window. ALL the current database materials will be listed if this window is opened from the Tool Bar, Main Menu or no match can be found for the search criteria. Double clicking on a material will bring up the Analysis Tab sheet with that materials name and analysis. To enter a new material see the tutorial.


The database named here contains the materials in the list.


Lists all the materials in the current database.


The data on this tab sheet refers either to the material selected in the material listbox or the new material details that you have typed in.


Either the name of the highlighted material in the listbox or the name of the material you are going to add to the current database.


The analysis of the highlighted material in the list box is displayed. If one of the oxides in your new material does not appear in the oxide list, you will have to go to Oxide Preferences and change the default order so that it includes the oxides in you new material. Then reopen the Material List window (with its new oxide order).


Check this if you want to work with a Unity Formula.

% Total

The percentage of the material entering fusion. If you are entering a new material as a unity formula (Unity selected) you must type, into this box, the percentage of the material which will enter fusion. See the tutorial.


The controls appertaining to the new material will be cleared ready for your new data.


Adds the new material's data to the current database. If a material with the same name already exists you will be asked if you want to overwrite the old data with the new.


The selected material will be deleted from the current database. It is possible to update a material by making alterations and then clicking the add button.

It must be understood that any change to a material's analyses will affect all recipes in the current database that use this material. A material cannot be removed from the current database if it is used in any of the recipes in that database.

Note: Any new data typed in must be added to the current database or it will be lost.