The Glaze Calculator

Entering a Material

Click on the button to open the Material List Window. Click on the Type Tab and then on 'New'.

Fill in the following:

Name China Clay (Ideal)
type ID
Price N/A
Comments None

Click on the Analysis Tab. The default method of entry is Ultimate Analysis"> (The percentage of each oxide entering fusion is used) but in this example you must change to Unity Formula by selecting 'Unity' from the pull down list. Now enter the following formula for Kaolinite:-

Silica 2.000

Alumina 1.000

% Total 87.00

All recipe analyses are based on the composition of materials when they enter fusion. To calculate this, subtract the percentage Loss on Ignition (in this case 13%) from the unfired weight of 100%. Any recipes using this material Kaolinite will be calculated at 87% of the weight when it was weighed out. This will be the amount entering the Glaze Fusion.

To save the material to the current database click on the Type Tab again and then on 'Add'. If the material already exists in the current database, you will be asked if you wish to save any changes. By selecting 'Yes', you will overwrite the old data.

Note: The above example is hypothetical. It is not a true Unity formula because there are no basic oxides in the material. Instead the analysis is calculated on the ratio of Silica to Alumina.