The Glaze Calculator

Recipe Tutorial - Entering a Recipe

NOTE: It is assumed that no Glaze Calculator windows are open when starting this step by step tutorial.


 Click on the button to open a Recipe window, then on the button to open the Material List Window. In the box called 'D/base' you should read 'Orig16.mdb' which is the database supplied with the Glaze Calculator. If this file is not displayed, you will have to select it by clicking on the Open Database button. To display the materials in this database click on 'Refresh'. Scroll through the list of materials and select Pot Feldspar (Ideal) by holding down the left mouse button (over Potash Feldspar) and then moving the pointer across to the Recipe window and placing it on the top line of the recipe box (far left of the Recipe Window). During this operation the pointer will change to the Material Icon. When you have positioned it, release the mouse button and Potash Feldspar will be dropped on the first line of the recipe.


 Now repeat this operation for Whiting, China Clay (Ideal) and Quartz (Ideal), placing them on the second, third and fourth lines. To the right of the recipe, click on the check boxes which are in line with Potash Feldspar (Ideal) and Limestone (Ideal). This will unlock the amounts of these two materials. Move the mouse over to the right hand arrow of the slider which is in line with Limestone (Whiting) and click on it until the amount goes up to 20.00. You will notice that the amount of Potash Feldspar is 80.00. Lock the Limestone amount and unlock the China Clay amount by clicking on their check boxes. Click on the right hand arrow of the China Clay slider until its amount reaches 10.00. Lock the China Clay amount and unlock the Quartz (Ideal) amount. Click on the right hand arrow of the Quartz slider bar until its amount reaches 40.00. 


At this stage the Recipe box should look like this:


Pot Feldspar (Ideal) 30.00
Calcia (Ideal) 20.00
China Clay (Ideal) 10.00
Silica (Ideal) 40.00


Total 100.00
Cost 0.00


There should be a reading for Silica of 71.33 in the Analysis Box on the right hand side of the of 71.33 in the Analysis Box.

Now click on the Description Tab at the top of the Recipe Window. This will bring up the Comments, Name and Type boxes and the Silica Equivalent Combo Listbox.

To save the recipe you must give it a name and then click on 'Add'. If the name you have chosen is the same as a recipe already in the database, you will be asked if you want to save the changes. If you click on 'Yes', the old data will be overwritten by the new.