The Glaze Calculator

Oxide Preferences Window

Oxide Order

The chemical formulae of the oxides supported by The Glaze Calculator are listed here. The order of the oxides can be changed by clicking on a chemical formula and while holding the left mouse button down, dragging it to a new position.

Oxide Name

Each oxide has a default name. The name given to the chemical formula highlighted in the Oxide Order list is displayed in the Oxide Name box.

Apply Name

The oxide name can be changed from the default to one of your preference. Highlight the chemical formula of the oxide you wish to name and type the new oxide name in the oxide name box, then click on 'Apply'.

Default Order

Sets the oxides to the default order.

Default Names

Sets all the oxide names to their defaults which are as follows:

Silica SiO2
Alumina Al2O3
Boric Oxide B2O3
Iron ox Fe2O3
Titania TiO2
Calcia CaO
Magnesia MgO
Potash K2O
Soda Na2O
Lithia Li20
Baria BaO
Strontia SrO
Zinc ox ZnO
Lead ox PbO
Phos. ox P2O5